Why Alcohol Is Ruining Your Weight Loss Goals

by Lizzie Griffin in Nutrition

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I am going to tell you right now how just 1 glass (of alcohol) a night is ruining your chances of achieving your weight loss goals.

We all know in some form or the other that alcohol is not good for us, but why does it stop us from losing weight? We all know we shouldn’t be drinking with regards to reaching our fitness goals, but why?

What does alcohol contain that is not good for us and for weight loss?

• Alcohol is high in calories. 1 Glass of wine is 170 calories. Over the course of the year 1 glass a night is equal to 41 days’ worth of extra calories, that is hectic! (No wonder people struggle to LOSE WEIGHT).
• Calories from alcohol do not provide any nutritional value to your body.
• Wine and beer contain a lot of sugar, as do the mixes you use when drinking spirits.

Alcohol will even prevent you from sleeping well and in turn, stop you from recovering, as the body uses sleep to recover and recuperate.

Yes, alcohol is socially accepted, but with regards to training, I personally advise eliminating alcohol from your diet completely until you are on track with your WEIGHT LOSS and fitness goals. Thereafter you could re-introduce it in moderation, i.e. a glass of wine a few times a week… as a treat!! A glass of wine is not something we need to have with dinner – it is something to be enjoyed as a treat or REWARD for our hard work.

What should we have instead of alcohol?

Coke? Pepsi? Fanta? Or even orange juice? NO WAY!!! These are full of sugar and will hinder your weight loss all the same.

Water is a great option. Let’s be honest – if you are drinking alcohol at night, you are not drinking the recommended amount of water during the day and therefore dehydrating your body.

I know some people, or most people, actually find it hard to go straight to water… you can try sparkling water, with added lemon or lime, cordials are a good way of getting more water in too.

Health risks from too much alcohol.

• high blood pressure
• Stroke
• Heart Attack
• Depression
• Anxiety

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