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How To Lose Body Fat and Gain Muscle

Looking for a Nutritionist in Leicester? At Griffin Fit we have our very own easy eating system developed by a UK registered dietician. A system created with the foods you like and enjoy, but in a controlled way. You can literally have your cake and eat it!

Check out the short snippet below to get a feel of what we can do for you.

Quick and tasty meals ready for you​ to choose and enjoy, making your life easier. Who doesn’t want that?

We provide ongoing monthly support throughout your journey with unlimited contact in-between training sessions, which is proven to achieve faster results.

Nutrition, along with correct training principles, is the key to success.

I started my diet plan with Lizzie and after a few months… wow, what a result! I started in February with 25.4% body fat and within four weeks it dropped down to 20.4%.

I started to feel stronger, healthier and happier with my training. I have noticed a huge difference and the journey with Lizzie has been amazing – even with me being such a fussy eater! I have been inspired to change my lifestyle, and I’m getting one step closer to my goals!

Thank you so much Lizzie for your help.

Shinal Pancholi

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