What Happened To Liz

by Lizzie Griffin in Nutrition | Training

lose fat | personal trainer

This is my little story about how stress and lack of sleep caused me to gain weight and how I wanted to lose fat again.

This is a before and after of me in a space of 4 weeks back in 2016 so a bit of a throwback but it is throwback Thursday after all  so its cool.

The dreaded back fat appeared when I had a very stressful time setting up my studio. Working 15 hour days – eating as and when I could. Sleepless nights. My training completely stopped due to having no spare hour in the day. Like all of this combined is just a  disaster waiting to happen. But actually this is how so many of us live everyday.

I realised I needed to take care of myself more than I thought I needed to.

So I started training just twice a week again and eating better food that I prepared and took to work.

I instantly started sleeping better and within 4 weeks managed to get back to my normal self. Back fat had gone.

Weight creeps up on us all and we don’t realise until that one day you look at yourself in the mirror and go…

“How have I let this happen? I can’t believe I’ve let myself go like this”

It’s an upsetting time for everyone that gets to this stage it really is.

But that’s when it’s time to take ACTION.

Your COMMITMENT level would be higher than ever.

This is where I come in.

I can HELP you.

I’ve been there, I know how it feels to have “let yourself go”

So don’t worry, you can get back to being yourself again in no time.

Especially with the compassion, support, guidance and accountability from me.

If you’ve got to that point of feeling unhappy, then let me turn that frown upside down by getting you back on track with your health, lifestyle and fitness.

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P.s I do really hate that first picture but I want to just show the importance of taking progress pics as well.

I know clients hate it but it’s extremely beneficial when your on a journey to look back at where you started.

I also wanted to show you that no body is perfect and never will be so don’t beat yourself up about that piece of cake you had last night or the biscuits that you had with your tea that turned into the whole packet – things happen – just move on and learn from it.

Hope this helps show that us PTs aren’t robots that eat “rabbit” food constantly, we are human too and obstacles in life will always get in the way, it’s just what you do and how you get round them that matters

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