Well-being In The Workplace

by Lizzie Griffin in News | Nutrition | Training

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Well-being in the workplace has begun at CA Distribution Ltd here in Leicester.

We are undergoing a 10 week fitness challenge ready for the company’s Exceed Awards and Christmas party which is on 22nd December 2017.

Staff are raring to go and to take part in this awesome opportunity that the company is providing them with.

So this kicked off on Wednesday 18th October and will run right up to their awards night.

We started off taking information from each staff member such as height,weight, age and all their body measurements so that we could tailor make their nutrition allowances and so that we can track their individual progress through out the 10 weeks. We also had each individual complete a screening questionnaire to find out a little about their health.

After that we ran through the exercise routine we had planned for them so they knew what was happening and how to perform each exercise. Throughout the session we gave technique corrections and educational comments to help them understand why they were doing that particular exercise.

The first session was a huge success and the feedback we had was brilliant.

Looking after the health and well-being of their staff will play a huge role in their productivity and how their business runs.

A list of some benefits from having a well-being in the workplace package are as follows:

  • Staff retention
  • Staff productivity
  • Stress reduction
  • Team morale and team building
  • Less staff on sick leave

Mental health is now becoming a MASSIVE talked about subject. Staff are the face of the company and they help to bring business in and keep the company growing so looking after your staff will have a huge impact long term especially because they will more likely stay longer which then relieves the company from training new staff which long term saves time and money.