Setting goals for the new year.

by Bexi Wood in Training

With the new year fast approaching us, now is a great time to start setting new goals in life and also in fitness. Everyone should have a specific goal in mind to help give you something to work towards helping with motivation levels and to see an end result. Goals should be specific and tailored to each individual and we use ‘SMART’ goals to help you really think about what you want to achieve.
S- Specific- Your goal/s need to be as specific as possible. Think about certain body areas you want to work on, a type of fitness, measurements/numbers you want to change etc.
M- Measurable- How are you going to measure your goals? You could use scales, tape measures, body fat %, KG of weight you’re using, how far you can run etc.
A- Achievable- Is the goal achievable? Think about time scale, Lifestyle factors etc, also how are you going to reach your goal?
R- Realistic- Is the goal you’ve set realistic? Take into consideration your body type (Mesomorph, Ectomorph, Endomorph), any injuries, physically possible, current activity levels.
T- Time scale- Set yourself a date you would like to achieve your goal by. It could be a short-term goal of just a few weeks or a long-term goal you could review in a years’ time. Also think about how many times you need to be actively working towards your goal in a week.
Apply SMART goals to your everyday life as well as fitness and share with us your SMART goals just in time for the new year. Let’s do this!!