Protein Is Important for Health Living

by Tia Dewick in Nutrition

Protein is a macronutrient found in many foods such as animal products, nuts and beans. Protein is a vital nutrient which should be consumed ideally in every meal as it allows our bodies to build new cells such as hair, maintain tissues and synthesise new proteins. With every activity we perform, whether that be household chores or hitting the gym, we create tiny muscle fibre tears which requires the consumption of protein to rebuild and repair these damaged muscles fibres. So protein isn’t just for body builders, everyone needs it in their diet to maintain a healthy living 😊


Many chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes have been correlated with our diet. By consuming more protein in our meals, as long as we still maintain a healthy portion, we are less likely to consume as many sugars and excess carbohydrates which can therefore reduce our risk of developing chronic diseases. In addition to this, increasing the proportion of protein within our diet has also been shown to help regulate a healthier body composition which has also been correlated with the development of chronic diseases.


Small traces of protein can be found in almost all foods, for example although a banana is categorised as a carbohydrate, the average banana still contains 1.2g of protein. However, within our diet we want to try and choose a good quantity and quality of protein. Public Health England recommend that 30% of our diet is made up from protein, so one trick to monitor your protein intake is to make up 1/3 of each meal from protein products such as chicken. Ideally you want to avoid high fat meat products such as lamb to ensure you are getting a good quality source protein. Chicken is known as the best quality form of protein.


Remember, protein is vital for everyone so aim to consume 1/3 of your diet from protein!