Do You Have Any New Year Resolutions?

by Tia Dewick in Training

new year resolution | personal trainer

2018 here we come! Have you got a New Year resolution? These can go one of two ways; it can either motivate or demotivate you which is why it is so important to produce a SMART goal. Maybe you want to get fitter or maybe you want to try something new such as learning a new language. Just make sure you follow this structure:

Specific – clearly identify your goal. If you want to start exercise what do you want to gain from it? Lose weight? Gain muscle weight? Increase your cardio endurance?

Measurable – ensure that you have a way of identifying progress. If you want to enhance your cardio endurance, how far do you want to be able to run? If you want to lose weight or gain weight, how much by?

Agreed Upon – believe in yourself! If you don’t have the right mind-set or positive attitude towards you goal then your motivation will soon wear thin

Realistic – don’t aim too high too soon. Results are much more sustainable by easing your way into a lifestyle change. For example if you aim to lose a stone in a week this is way too unrealistic! Start off by as little as a pound a week and work your way from there. It’s better to exceed your goals than to be discouraged by not meeting your goals!

Time Bound – ensure you have a timescale in which to complete the goal. Do you want a short-term or permanent goal? Two weeks? Two months? Two years?

Your abilities don’t choose lifestyle, your choices do!

Let us know what you get up to. Very common resolutions are to eat better and start getting active. Maybe we can help you here at Griffin Fit