Measuring Progress

by Lizzie Griffin in Nutrition | Training

Lose Weight | Measuring Progress

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

So, how can we avoid failure? By tracking our progress of course! If you aren’t tracking your progress, then it’s definitely time to start.

Here’s a few markers that you can easily track:

  1. Waistline

    If your goal is fat loss, your waistline measurement should be decreasing gradually and should never go up over a period of weeks. Ensure you measure this at the same time of day i.e. in a morning on an empty stomach (so you aren’t taking a measurement whilst bloated).

  2. Weight

    Not always a true indicator as lean body weight can increase at the same time as fat reduces, meaning no change in actual weight. Generally speaking though, unless you are ultra-lean, your weight should shift downwards as you lose body fat.

    Don’t get too bogged down with this one as your weight may not change for a couple of weeks, and may fluctuate due to hydration, sodium and glycogen on a daily basis. For this reason, it’s somewhat counter productive to weigh yourself everyday. Instead look at weighing on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Doing this should show you a true picture of consistency with less tears over the bathroom scales!

  3. Photos

    I can’t stress this one enough! Get your clothes off and get those pictures taken! All angles: front, side and back. Your most accurate indicator is your appearance and the camera does not lie!

  4. Performance

    What is your performance like in the gym and what are your numbers looking like on your lifts? If you don’t Know then write them down! Numbers should increase week by week, either the amount of weight you are lifting or the number of repetitions you are performing. If your performance is suffering significantly it could be a sign that you are under-fueled in terms of nutrition.

So remember these 4 key points and keep track of them to boost your progress and ensure that you succeed.

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