MAS Mountain Bike Team Are Smashing It

by Lizzie Griffin in News | Training

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So we started supporting MAS – MTB cycling team back in May 2017 as we wanted to share our knowledge and help a local bike team with their fitness and to get the team pushing further in their races.

So since May there has been some awesome 2nd and 3rd place positions but a couple of weeks ago one of the riders, Ben, came first and is now National Champion in his category. Absolutely amazing achievements all round.

So what we have been working on at the studio in their sessions are improving their overall fitness endurance but also muscular endurance, plus building strength and core stability.

A lot of cyclists can become quite round shouldered (kyphosis) due to their positioning on their bikes, so what we have been working on is strengthening those back muscles, rear delts and improving their core stability, which has improved their posture causing their round shoulders to be less prominent.

It’s amazing what a bit of isolated, targeted work can do for certain areas.

The human body is an amazing structure and by looking after it can do amazing things.

These cyclists are just getting better and better and it’s only been 12 weeks, imagine what they will be like in 6 months.

Watch this space


If you want to keep up to date with the bike team then heres a link to their blog posts