Keeping your Fitness Whilst on Holiday

by Tia Dewick in Training

Have you got a wonderful all-inclusive holiday booked this year? Do you want to stay on track whilst away rather than letting all your hard work fade? See below for some top tips on how to maintain your fitness whilst on holiday!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is growing global phenomenon which utilises a combination of cardio and body weight resistance. Maintaining fitness and weight (with a controlled diet) has been shown to be effective in just bouts of 10-20 minutes! Why not have a look on YouTube or use some techniques you’re familiar with in the hotel room before or after hitting the beach? Just a small portion of your day can help make a massive difference!

 Resistance bands

Resistance bands are a fantastic affordable and transportable piece of gym equipment which can give you a cracking workout! Resistance bands can be used for whole body workouts to keep your muscles working hard whilst enjoying your lovely vacation.


Body weight exercises can have tremendous benefits. Just pop on your gym wear and trainers and you can have a fantastic workout in the hotel room. Using a combination of body weight press-ups and core exercises can help you burn energy and keep your strength in shape.


Most hotels have a lovely pool which can help you keep on top of your fitness! Select an area of the pool and undergo several lengths of breast stroke (low to moderate intensity) or front crawl (moderate to high intensity) to help you reach an elevated heart rate to maintain your cardiovascular functioning.

Animation team classes/gym

Many hotels now have an animation team available which run plenty of classes around the hotel which include water polo, aqua gym, darts, volleyball and many more! These classes are a perfect way to try something whilst also keeping yourself entertained in a fun environment!


Keeping yourself even slightly active whilst away reduces the chance of all your hard work disappearing in just a couple of weeks!