Importance of Hydration

by Carla Bolstridge in Nutrition

water / hydration

I am always sipping on water from a big bottle throughout the day and I often receive comments like, “Gosh! You’re really healthy!” However, the fact that I’m drinking water doesn’t make me extraordinarily healthy…I’m just doing what every human being needs, as water is vital for life and our survival.

Since we lose water from sweating, going to the toilet and breathing, it needs replacing. Our bodies are made up of around 50-60% water, the heart and brain alone being around 73%, the lungs 83%, muscles and kidneys being up to 79%, even our bones are 31%. So, when you look at our bodies in this way, it is clear that water is a vital part of organ function and living. However, there are many other important benefits from making sure we are sufficiently hydrated, some which are linked directly to our fitness and weight loss goals.

Here are 8 of them:

  1. Improved mood and mental clarity. Since the brain is largely made up of water this is a no brainer (pardon the pun), if the brain is well hydrated your brain will be more able to function properly which will give you the focus you need for every day work/activities and your workouts.
  2. More energy = better performance. Hydration is key for delivering oxygen and blood flow to our muscles which will provide them with their full potential to execute the movement required for tough workouts.
  3. Better immune health by improving the lymph fluid in our Lymphatic Circulation. The fluid in our Lymphatic system contains white blood cells, vital for fighting infection and keeping our bodies healthy.
  4. Better consumption of nutrients and food choices. Sometimes we mistake dehydration for hunger, so being properly hydrated can prevent overeating, something which can sabotage fitness goals.
  5. Flushes out waste and bacteria whilst improving digestive health. A more sufficient digestive system through being properly hydrated will keep things moving how they should, therefore decreasing the chance of suffering with constipation, which can result in feeling sluggish and demotivated to move.
  6. Supports joint mobility. Yes, even your tendons and ligaments need to be hydrated in order to be supple enough to perform their full range of movement.
  7. Preventing headaches. Hold the pain killers! Your headache may be due to mild dehydration. Remember 73% of the brain is made up of water.
  8. Glowing skin doesn’t have to be achieved by expensive facial creams. Drinking enough water the skin needs can significantly improve the appearance of fine line, wrinkles and dry skin. Plus, water is also responsible for providing our body with oxygen and better blood flow which will give our skin a warmer glow.


Here are some simple tips: 

  • Water is ultimate, but herbal teas aren’t bad either. Try not to count caffeinated tea and coffee as part of your water intake as there is conflicting evidence as to whether diuretics such as these contribute to overall hydration.
  • A lot of people complain that water lacks flavour. Try flavouring your water by infusing it with lemon, limes, berries and mint leaves, even cucumber gives a surprisingly pleasant taste.
  • Make a habit to drink water first thing upon rising. Not only will this give you a head start on hydrating yourself but will also kick start your digestive tract.
  • Carry a bottle around with you everywhere you go, you can even set reminders on your phone to sip up.
  • Eat more water dense foods such as cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, watermelon, grapes and grapefruit to name a few.
  • Consider consuming soups and broths as can extra way to keep your body hydrated, just be mindful of the sodium content.


Lastly, if in doubt whether you are sufficiently hydrated or not, checking your urine is a great indication. Yes really!

Here is a link below on how the colour of your pee relates to your hydration level.

Hopefully this article has shed some light on the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated. So drink up for a healthier body and mind. Cheers!