How to reduce back fat

by Richard Adams in Uncategorised

One of the questions that often comes up during our client goal setting sessions is “How do I reduce my back fat?”

The answer is quite straightforward.  To reduce back fat, you need to lose overall body fat, by running a calorie deficit.  Unfortunately, it’s not possible to target areas for fat reduction – what’s sometimes referred to a “spot reduction”.  Your body will decide the sequencing of where it loses fat as your overall body fat level reduces, and there are no dietary or exercise based ways to get around that – despite what you might read on social media and other less reputable sources!

Having said that, a strong back is crucial for over all fitness, and once you have reduced your back fat through overall body fat reduction, then it would be a shame not to put your back muscles on display.  I recommend you incorporate back exercises into your exercise regime at least twice per week.  Exercises that we regularly include in Griffin Fit classes and PT session are cable, dumbbell and barbell rows, lying dumbbell pull over to extension, reverse flies and lateral (‘lat’) pulldowns.