HIIT or MISS Training?

by Bexi Wood in Training

HIIT is a form of High Intensity Interval Training which uses short bursts of intense anaerobic exercises and short less intense recovery periods. HIIT workouts are hugely popular and have no limits. You can personalise your own HIIT’s changing exercises, rest periods, equipment used, body parts worked etc keeping it always interesting. HIIT workouts are supposed to use 85% of your maximum heart rate making it hard work which isn’t suitable for everyone. HIIT workouts will typically last anything from 7-30 mins.
Benefits of HIIT:
• Able to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time
• Increases your overall metabolism
• The quickest cardiovascular training
MISS is a form of Medium Intensity Steady State training which is any cardiovascular activity where you keep your heart rate between 140-160 BPM (Beats Per Minute). MISS training uses equipment such as Treadmill, Stair Master, Cross Trainer, Bike all at a medium level and will be performed for around 30-60 minutes at the same level.
Benefits of MISS:
• Suitable for all fitness levels and abilities
• Steady intensity making it suitable for anyone training with injuries or different health conditions
So, which one is better?
The answer is neither. Both HIIT and MISS are beneficial to everyone in many ways its all down to personal preference. Our trainer Bexi prefers HIIT training as it’s a shorter amount of time spent doing cardio, however not everyone is able to do HIIT training because of its High intensity. MISS is great if you fancy watching YouTube or Netflix whilst your training to give you something to focus on. Also, MISS is suitable for everyone no matter your weight, age, fitness abilities or injuries.