Griff’s Christmas Bonanza

by Lizzie Griffin in News

social | clients | personal trainer

So I organised a christmas social for clients this November, getting it in early I know.

We decided to go to the Athena based in Leicester and I managed to round up 16 of us which has been the best number for a social so far!! It’s so tricky to get everyone available on the same night.

There were lots of drinking and dancing and everyone had a brilliant time.

Clients work hard all the time with their exercise and nutrition (nutrition is most of the time LOL) so having a night where they can enjoy what they eat and drink is great for their well-being.

The social outings is what I pride myself with as it’s adding extra value to what I do at the studio. Clients are meeting new people that are on a similar fitness journey to them and it’s fantastic to watch them support each other along the way.

I have such a supportive, friendly group of clients and it’s great to know what I’m doing is helping many people.

So… If you’d like to socialise with like minded individuals then you’ve come to the right place.

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