Finding Some Normality

by Tia Dewick in News

Back before March 2020, the majority of us had a weekly routine that we all deemed normal. However, with all these changes in laws and local policies, we will all inevitably have to adapt to a new normal. For many parts of our routine, we are in control of what we define as normal, but the question is, how do we sculpt our new normal?


As a result of lockdown, most of us had some extra time to think about what we truly value in life. Maybe you’ve realised that you want to spend more time with your family or maybe you want to try some new things. Normality is very individual and so although these tips may give you some ideas as to how you might see yourself spending the next few months, the most important thing is making a normal that makes YOU happy and makes YOU feel safe.


For those of you that love to exercise, getting yourself back to the gym is a great way to start a positive return to normality! For many of us, during the past 6 months we haven’t had access to the equipment we usually use at the gym, so remember to be patient that you will most likely need to build your fitness back up gradually. This can also act as a fantastic motivational tool if you prepare wisely. Take some post-lockdown photos, take some fitness tests, take some body measurements. Because we have had so long away from our normal, we will adapt and progress super quickly. So make sure you measure your progress to truly see how much your hard work is paying off!


One of the things most people are enjoying is being able to see people outside of their household (we love those we live with but it’s nice to see some new faces!). Given the new guidelines, we can begin to see our friends and family again in a variety of settings. As long as you maintain social distancing, maybe you could go out for dinner or a picnic or have a nice stroll around a local park. Remember, you have control over what you deem fun, so work around your wants and needs!


Maybe you’re in a position to start safely easing back to work. I’m sure most of you, like myself, are so happy to be able to get out of the house! Getting out of those same 4 walls has been a blessing. It’s amazing how much a little different scenery can positively boost many aspects of your life, particularly your mood! However, for those of you that are still working from home, maybe spice up your environment. Maybe get some desk plants or maybe some new stationary. Try to make the environment that you spend almost 1/3 of your time in as nice as possible!


The take home message here is that YOU have a lot of control of what becomes your new normal, so be sure to make positive choices!