Fail to Prepare – Prepare to Fail.

by Carla Bolstridge in Nutrition

Nutrition | personal trainer

Ever heard the saying “Abs are made in the kitchen?” Well there is some truth in this statement as nutrition is a key factor in reaching goals and sustaining a healthier lifestyle. In this blog I’m going to highlight how sticking to a nutrition plan can be made easier if we plan and prepare meals ahead.

The problem

Think about if you’ve had a particularly long day away from home. You get in and you’re starving but you have to take the time to prepare the meal that is on your nutrition programme. Chances are you won’t make the meal and will impulse eat. This can then lead you to overeat because when we are in this state of “I need food now” we don’t quite consider portion control and normally the foods that are quick to hand are processed nasties. Eating like this, two or three times a week is enough to undo the all hard work you’ve put in throughout the week, therefore, hindering your potential to progress and reach your goals.


The solution

Plan and prepare your meals ahead. By taking these approaches you’re more likely to stick to your nutrition plan and reach the goals you’re hoping to achieve:

  • Use diaries, apps or meal planners to stick to your agreed nutrition programme and plan what you’ll be eating on what days of the week.
  • Dedicate a time slot or two in the week to batch cook these meals, you can always freeze some meals to maintain freshness.
  • Chopping up a load of veggies and keeping them in tubs in the fringe will shave off some cooking time.
  • Prepare your porridge oats the night before, for a quick microwave breakfast instead of grabbing a pastry on your morning coffee run.
  • Make it a habit, just like you do with training, this way it won’t seem like such a chore.
  • Get the rest of the family involved. If you have kids, this will be a great opportunity to get them thinking about healthy eating.

Ok, I hear you “but I don’t have time” Sorry but that doesn’t quite cut it. If you’re serious about reaching your goals, then you need to find the time. According to in 2010 the Broadcast’s Audience Research Board (BARB) found that adults spent on average of watching more than 30 hours of TV a week or over four hours a day. Food prep can take as little as an hour, so it really is about prioritising your time. Take the time to plan and prepare your meals as a vital way of keeping on track and hitting those goals. Remember you can’t out run a bad diet.