Creating The New Normal With A Daily Routine

by Tia Dewick in News

daily routine

As you are probably aware, the nation have unfortunately been instructed to continue with this housebound lifestyle for at least another 3 weeks. To ensure we remain happy and sane, it’s important that we create a temporary new norm to help get us through these difficult times. A way to achieve this could be through setting a new daily routine and so we have a few examples here to help you create your new norm.


Set an alarm

Particularly if you have been furloughed, it’s easy to get yourself into the unhealthy sleeping habit of waking up whenever comes natural. However, this comes with many negative side effects such as a reduction in your quality of sleep and feelings of fatigue and ‘grogginess’.


Get dressed

Pyjamas have been strongly associated with sleep and lounging and so if you spend your day sitting around in your pyjamas, this can enhance your fatigue and inhibit your daily productivity. So get yourself in some energising gear and get your day off to a good start!


Allocate yourself set meal times

I don’t know about you guys but breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. To satisfy your hunger and discourage your desire to snack on unhealthy foods, set yourself times in which you will make yourself nutritious and healthy meals. Mixing up your meals and trying new recipes also helps to satisfy your cravings to reduce the desire to snack.

Then with your remaining gaps during the day plan some activities to complete which could include the following:



I know it’s not the most fun job but not only does cleaning stop you from getting bored, it also helps to keep you active which has many health benefits as we all know.


DIY jobs around the house

Have you been telling yourself for a while to get some DIY jobs around the house done? Then why not start them now?! Get a sense of satisfaction and give yourself a purpose. Again, keeping yourself entertained will also help discourage unnecessary snacking.


Schedule your workout slot

We know you guys are maintaining your motivation to meet your exercise goals and so set yourself a routine of which of our live classes you will take part in💪🏻 but remember, 3-4 days of exercise supplemented by 3-4 days of recovery will provide you with optimal fitness progress and so be sure not to overdo your exercise.


Schedule a daily walk

Although you need plenty of recovery from your exercise, walking can somewhat be seen as a low intensity recovery exercise and so you can do this as many times a week as you wish. It also comes with many benefits such as loosening up the muscles that are inevitably going to be more stiff during this housebound lifestyle which helps to improve our mobility and blood flow. So get yourself some fresh air (but make sure you stay 2 meters apart from other household members)


Do something therapeutic

This new lifestyle has helped me develop my passion for yoga. Taking time out of my day to focus on my breathing and to relax my muscles helps to keep me happy and sane! Some of you may find colouring, gardening or having a bath therapeutic so choose something to do once everyday to help keep you happy.


Stare at the wall

Just kidding! I thought I’d just check to see if you’re still paying attention 😉


So the key take home message is to set yourself a regular daily routine. Have set times for specific activities and overall, try to stay happy!

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