Client Improves Her Confidence

by Lizzie Griffin in Training

confidence / fitness

It’s amazing how exercise can improve someone’s confidence and self esteem. All with a little TLC for yourself doing as little as two workouts a week. Whether that be a walk or a gym session.

Exercise has so many more benefits than improving confidence which i’ll do a blog on for you tomorrow but for now I’d love to tell you a story about one of our clients, Harvey.

Harvey started with me 10 years ago in a ladies only gym with little confidence wearing baggy clothes and the same grey trousers you’ll see in the video in a  short while.

Harvey is a coeliac which makes nutrition very challenging with all her intolerances. She is also lactose intolerant and a vegetarian, well she was a vegetarian, she is now a meat eater! Yippeeeee!

So from the beginning til now Harvey has lost around 10kg in weight and has seen major changes in her body shape.

She now wears tight fitted gym clothing which is amazing as it shows true confidence, she now does regular fitness photo shoots which is a massive progression from when she first started training.

I just want to give Harvey a huge shout out for all her hard work and effort in her long fitness journey, there’s been good times and some bad times but Harvey has always managed to come out on top and always keeps smiling.

Here’s a little video where I say bye to Harvey’s grey trousers 😉