Are you over consuming through liquid calories?

by Chris Norman in Nutrition

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In a world where there are a wide range of high calorie drinks, it is difficult to control how many calories you are consuming through them, whether it is coffees, sports drinks, sugary drinks etc, there are calories in the majority of what we drink on a daily basis.

The S word.

We all know what it is. Sugar. Sugar has become a dirty word in the fitness industry, but we consume sugar every day and is an essential part of our diets, it is a carbohydrate after all. But it should never be over consumed, as this can lead to many different issues one being weight gain. Sports drinks are the main culprit, unless they are zero calorie, sports drinks have a high sugar content. These types of drinks should only be drunk by people that take part in high intense sports so the sugar can be used as fuel. If your goal is to lose weight, I would recommend staying away from these and finding an alternative.

It really is about the size.

I am talking about the drinks. How many times have you been to the cinema or gone through a drive-thru and the staff member has offered to upsize your meal/drink? It always sounds like a good deal, right? Now it may only be 10-20p extra but think about the added calories you will be adding on. Sometimes going smaller is the way.

I’ll have a healthy smoothie instead.

I am all for balance and believe you should be able to enjoy the good and the bad. But what about if the good, isn’t actually that good. A lot of smoothie drinks now are designed to look healthy and only do you the world of good. You can get all your daily intake of vitamins and minerals from a smoothie, but you could also be consuming a huge amount of calories, some smoothies have the same amount of calories that you can get from a meal.

I’m not trying to scare you.

I have spoken about this previously, but it really is about balance. If you do enjoy a cold fizzy drink on a hot day, then you go for it. Just try and be more mindful about how many you are consuming, and if you feel like you are having too many then maybe have a can instead of a bottle.

Some helpful tips to reducing liquid calories.

  1. Choose water as your main beverage – Water is the healthiest and most calorie free drink of choice. Carry a water bottle around with you to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.
  2. Read the label – Pay attention to the label on the beverage you are drinking. Look out for added sugars, high fructose syrups and other high sugar ingredients. The recommended sugar intake for an average adult is 30g.
  3. Control the portion sizes – Be mindful of the portion size when consuming calorie containing liquids. Opt for the smaller sizes or ask for a smaller cup when you’re out at a restaurant. Avoid the supersized options which will often contain far more calories than you need.
  4. Create your own sports drink – You may not get the same taste from making your own, but you can create your own sports drink from your own kitchen with only 3 ingredients. All you need it water, cordial juice and a pinch of salt. This will create the same effect you get from sports drinks, but you will be consuming a lot less calories.
  5. Swap – You can now swap your favourite high calorie drinks for a zero/low sugar alternative, which taste almost identical.