A few tips on how to gain muscle

by Michael Davis in Education | Nutrition | Training

Here is a quick list of tips that I have put together that will hopefully help you on your journey to gain more muscle. How many of these tips are you already following?

Train for specificity

In order for muscle gain to occur, we need to train specifically for it. Ensure you are training with enough intensity. In general, programs geared towards muscle gain involve pushing your body close to failure. Consider training a muscle group 2 or even 3 times a week and be sure to focus on correct form. As your muscles get stronger, it’s important that you progressively increase the load (weight) you are lifting.

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Eat plenty of protein

As you train, your body requires more protein to build muscle tissue. Consider a portion of protein at each meal (25-3og). Additionally, protein supplements are a good idea if you are struggling to reach your daily protein requirements.  It is recommended that you keep your calorie intake high unless your goal is to lose fat. This is because a calorie restrictive diet is not ideal when trying to gain muscle (Although not impossible).

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Take enough time to recover

Your recovery between workouts is crucial. It is during this time that changes in your body are occurring (muscle gain). The amount of time you need between workouts depends on the intensity of your training and your physical fitness. Ideally it is recommended you take at least 24 hours between workouts and 48 hours between workouts involving the same muscle groups. Be sure to get plenty of good quality sleep, a lack of sleep can severely impair your performance at the gym. As a general rule, listen to your body, if you are losing strength or you are constantly feeling tired, then you may need more rest.

Consistency is key

As with any form of self-improvement, mental or physical, consistency through repeated bouts of practice/ training is key to your development. Be patient, don’t expect to see changes after a week of training. That being said, don’t over do it if you are not seeing results as fast as you expected. Your body takes time to adapt and grow.


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