5 Exercises for Leg Day

by Tia Dewick in Training

Leg day is a great way to burn lots of calories by targeting the largest muscle groups. Are you looking for some exercises to complete on leg day? Well here are 5 great exercises to target all the major muscle groups:


Goblet squat

The goblet squat is a great exercise to target the lower body. The movement is the same as a usual squat with your feet approximately shoulder width apart and lowering your hips to the ground whilst avoiding your knees going beyond the toes. However the twist is the inclusion of a dumbbell or kettlebell of your choice being held just under the chin whilst you perform the squat with a nice straight back.


Trap bar deadlift

The trap bar deadlift is similar to the squat but the weight sits much lower and is closer towards the ground which drops your centre of gravity. So grab yourself a hex bar and apply the relevant weight and grip the bar either side of your hip. Whilst standing inside the hex bar you then perform a squat-like motion.


Swiss ball leg curl

The swiss ball leg curl is a great exercise to challenge your stability. Whilst lying on your back with your hands out to the side for support, place your heels on top of the ball, lift your hips off the ground and then pull the ball as close to your glutes as you can before extending your legs back out. Be sure to keep your hips off the ground all the way through the exercise to ensure constant tension throughout the muscles.


Walking lunge

The walking lunge is a dynamic exercise which again helps to challenge your stability. Whilst holding dumbbells or kettlebells either side of the body in a standing position, extend one leg out in front and bend the knee to achieve a right angle at the knee joint. Then, bring your other foot in line with the leading leg to re-stabilise and then step forward with the opposite leg in a continuous nature.



The clamshell is a great glute exercise to finish the session. Wrap a resistance band just above the knee and lay down on your side. Bend your knees so that your heels sit in line with your glutes and then lift the knee towards the ceiling whilst keeping your feet glued together. Make sure your knees do not come into contact with one another to maintain constant tension within the glute and remember to change sides to repeat on the opposite glute.