Tips on motivation

by Bexi Wood in Training

*Lacking in motivation?*
Here’s some of my tips that I use to help me stay motivated to workout:

Plan your workouts for the week. Write down what you’re going to train on what days. Then write out your workout plan the day before you train so you have something specific to follow. If you usually attend gym/circuit type classes, book all of your classes in as soon as you can so you’re committed and know what you’re doing each for the week.

Pick your favourite gym outfit. My go to is Gymshark, as it fits me so well and looks super cute! Wearing something that fits you well and it flattering helps boost your self esteem which makes you feel more motivated. It doesn’t need to be expensive if you’re on a budget, Primark also have some great activewear!

Caffine is my best friend! When I’m feeling tired or lazy I’ll have a coffee or a sugar free energy drink to give me a little boost making me feel energised ready to smash out a workout.  Use this tip as little as you can as caffine addiction is real, but its great once in a while for a little pick me up on a day when your feeling extra unmotivated.

Set a goal. You should always be working towards a SMART goal when it comes to fitness and on the days you really don’t want to workout you must remind yourself what your goals are and why you want to achieve them. If you don’t have a goal in mind then your just exercising for the sake of it and you don’t have anywhere to go with it. Structure is key. Have a look at our previous blog on goal setting to understand SMART goals better.

Train with a buddy. Find someone to workout with regularly. This way you’re less likely to cancel. If you’re feeling unmotivated you have someone else to pick you up. And it’s more fun! At the studio we have such a fun and uplifting environment which we’re all missing during lock down. For the mean time why don’t you meet up with a friend in a park and try a workout together, or drag your partner out for a run etc.
Hope some of these tips were useful for you guys!