Sex for greater health

by Carla Bolstridge in Training

health / sex

Yes…yes…yes, regular sexual intercourse has many health benefits in more ways than one. Health and fitness isn’t just about physical improvement but mental wellbeing too. So read on to discover how getting intimate can boost your health and not just your libido.

  • It’s a stress relief as “feel good chemicals” are released when having an orgasm, therefore can lower blood pressure. High stress levels can cause elevation in blood pressure, which isn’t ideal as it is linked to heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. It has also known that regular sexual intercourse can boost immunity, so with a stronger immune system you are less likely to fall ill.


  • Having sex is a form of physical activity so you will be temporary raising your heart rate and increasing blood flow around the body. This will help to strengthen the heart, give you a calorie burn and can also help to prevent heart disease.


  • It will improve your sleep. When reaching an orgasm we produce prolactin, a relaxation promoting hormone which will help you drift off into a deeper sleep. Getting enough sleep has been linked to making better food choices as well as performing optimally in the gym, which is needed in order to reach your health and fitness goals.


  • Sex can help maintain, or depending on how adventurous you get, improve your flexibility and balance, something which can decrease over time. Keeping good balance is important in preventing falls later on in life.


  • Have a headache? Then having sex may be the solution. As previously stated feel good chemicals and relaxing hormone prolactin are released, making this intimate activity a good pain reliever


  • Pelvic floor strength will improve. This is an important one for women as strong pelvic floor muscles are important for bladder control and incontinence prevention. When we orgasm our pelvic floor muscles contract, giving them a mini workout. To increase this contraction and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles further try Kegel squeezes, pulling them in high and tight during sexual intercourse.


  • When we have sex and climax our levels of oxytocin increase, which is known as the “love hormone.” This chemical love rush will make you feel more connected with your partner, therefore strengthening your relationship. 

7 good reasons why sex is more than just a bit of fun, it can actually benefit your health too. Single? Don’t worry, a little bit of self-love still has many of the above benefits too!