How to get the most out of your workout

by Michael Davis in Education | Training

Follow these tips to get the most out of your workout:

  • Warmup and cooldown

Prepare for your workout by warming up correctly. This will reduce the risk of injury and will allow you to go into your first exercise feeling strong and ready. Mobility and pulse raising exercises are a great way to warmup. If you are strength training, then using a lighter weight before your first set is a good way to warmup.

Once your workout is done, the worse thing you can do is immediately sit down. Instead, do some light stretches and allow your heart rate to decrease before doing anything else. You could also go for light jog, walk, or light cycling as keeping your heart rate slightly elevated after exercise is great for recovery.

  • Step out of your comfort zone, try the next weight up

Always push yourself during your workouts. Try new weights if you feel confident enough to. Aim to progress each session, even if it’s just one extra rep, or an extra 5s hold on the plank. You could start your first set with a heavier weight then drop down if you need to. Then on your next session aim for 2 sets with that weight on that exercise.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others, focus on yourself

When you compare yourself to others it can sometimes discourage you from pushing yourself during your workout. Just remember that everyone is at a different stage of their fitness journey. We all started off as beginners at some point. Instead, you should focus on yourself, your progress, and your goals.

  • Chat with the instructor

Communication with your instructor is key if you want to make the most out of your sessions. Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback on your form or for advice regarding an exercise. After all its what instructors are there for. It’s also important that you remain open to feedback and guidance from the instructors.

  • Hydrate

It’s important that you stay well hydrated during your workouts. Dehydration can cause your body to overheat and can impair your ability to exercise intensely. Take the opportunity to drink some water between sets or when you are resting. Sometimes it’s a good idea to drink even if you are not thirsty but you find yourself sweating a lot.

  • Meal timings

It’s a good idea to have something to eat before you begin working out as doing so on an empty stomach can leave some people feeling tired and lethargic. Time your meal or snack depending on the volume of food you are consuming. Larger meals should be consumed at least 2 hours before whereas smaller snacks can be consumed 30 minutes before. If you are short on time, then a smaller snack is probably the best option. This could be a banana or a granola bar.