Home Made Hash Browns with Poached Eggs

by Tia Dewick in Nutrition

This home made hash browns with poached eggs recipe contains approximately 398 calories, 17g protein, 42g carbs and 18g fats.


You will need the following ingredients:
1 large potato

1/2 tbsp coconut oil

2 eggs

Salt and pepper


And then follow along these steps:

  1. Grate the potato, including the skin and then squeeze the grated potato over the sink or into a bowl to remove some of the liquid
  2. Melt the coconut oil in a non-stock frying pan over a medium to high heat and then place the grated potato in the pan
  3. Use a spatula to flatten out the potato across the base of the pan
  4. Fry the potato for about 5 minutes on each side, reduce the heat a little if the potato is burning
  5. To flip the potato, place a plate on top of the pan, turn them over and then slide the potato back into the pan
  6. Begin to boil a pan of water (ready to make the poached eggs)
  7. Then crack the eggs into then pan of hot water and cook until the eggs are nicely poached. Then place the poached eggs onto kitchen roll to drain the water
  8. Once the hash brown it cooked, slide it onto a piece of kitchen roll and dab it to remove any excess oil
  9. Then plate it up, place the poached eggs on top of the hash brown and season to taste with salt and pepper

If you wanted to add some extra flavour then try frying off some spring onions, spinach and cherry tomatoes to add on top or my favourite thing to have with this is baked beans 😋


If you would like to follow along the video then click on the link below👇🏻