Griffin Fit Clients Loses 3 Stone – read his story

by Lizzie Griffin in News

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My Fitness Journey

October 2018 I weighed nearly 17 stone and had a belly measurement of 45 inches round my belly button.

Laying in bed and I saw an advert on FB for a 28 day fitness kick start programme with a local Leicester company called Griffin Fit. It sounded like just what I needed.

I decided it was time to do something about my weight as when I visualised my future with my wife and kids I wasn’t overweight. I wanted to be able to be active with my family and be an encouraging roll model for my children. My weight was getting out of hand and I knew I had to do something sooner or later. With my 40th birthday looming I decided now was a good time to focus on my health and I gave the advert a click.

Lizzie emailed me back inviting me to join the 28 day programme and I was booked into 3 sessions a week over the next 4 weeks. I paid upfront and it was now too late to wimp out and it was up to me to get the value out the next 28 days. Lizzie also gave me access to the Griffin Fit online diet plan programme and I got busy planning my meals.

I walked in to the studio on the 1st October for my first session not knowing what to expect. Lizzie and the trainers welcomed me and had a chat about the things I had done before and what I wanted to achieve. Lizzie really helped reinforce my goal of being fit for my kids.

The trainers introduced me to circuit training which I found great. The trainers would point out flaws in my technique and were really encouraging to push me to push myself. With the circuits I found it fantastic as each station was only 45 seconds which meant you can break the session down into small achievable segments (just make it through the next 45 seconds!!) The stations would often vary your muscle groups so while your arms recovered the next station would be cardio based and then legs etc etc

When I started I was at the point where I was struggling to do press ups and be able to jog with out losing my breath. The trainers challenged me to do one more press up every time, push my cardio intensity every time.

The other members of the gym were fantastic, everyone was on their own fitness journey and really encouraging. You could go at your own pace on the circuit stations and not feel pressured to keep up with people. You would see the same faces and as the groups were so small and personal. The other memebers would share stories of their aches and pains from the previous sessions and would help normalise the way I was feeling.

After the initial 28 days. I felt amazing, had never ached so much but I was buzzing that I had done it! 3 times a week, I had completed 12 sessions!

I knew I needed to carry on. Lizzie gave me flexible options to continue to train 3 times a week with no contracts and my wife was also really encouraging and I decided to do another 28 days.

I really enjoyed spending the time working out. It felt selfish in a way as it was something for me. Not my family or my job but for me and I really enjoyed the escapism of training with the other members.

The accountability of booking for the sessions and paying 4 weeks at a time really helped me to turn up for every session. I almost looked at paying for it was the hard part and turning up and pushing myself in the sessions was getting the value from it. I started to notice weight loss and an increase in my fitness. I liked it and decided Griffin Fit needed to be a part of my life.

My wife really helped me focus on my diet from January 2019. We both became very strict after christmas. I also decided to give my myself a measurable goal. I looked at the BMI scale and decided I didnt want to be in the obese category any more. Could I move out of the category? That was my measurable goal.

On the 10th april I reached my goal. Since starting my journey I had lost nearly 2 stone and 5 inches from my waist. I was now in the ‘overweight’ category!! I had never been so happy to be overweight! I shared my success with the Griffin Fit team who were encouraging and supportive, I even got ‘Client of the Month’ award. I felt totally boosted.

My body had never looked so good. I had never felt so good. All my family and friends now began to notice the results of my journey and I buzzed off the encouragement.

I decided my new goal is to move to the ‘normal’ weight category which is the journey I am on now.

August 2019 and I weigh in just under 14 stone and have now lost a total of 9 inches from my belly measurement (my clothes dont fit me anymore lol). I need to lose about another stone to get to ‘normal’ on the bmi chart. I know BMI isn’t everything and its not something Griffin Fit measured but for me personally I find it gives me a measurable visual goal.

I’m really excited to continue my fitness journey with Griffin Fit. Excited to see how my body continues to change. I know the team and other members at Griffin Fit will continue to push me to achieve my goals 45 seconds at a time.

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