Staying Motivated During the Festive Period

by Bexi Wood in Training

As the nights draw darker and colder, around this time of year its easy for our motivation to slip and we start to think “Oh well its Christmas, I’ll start again next year”. Give your ‘new year new you’ a head start and try and stay on track throughout the festive season. Here’s some ways you can adapt your fitness regime to work around those busy schedules:

• Missed your session at the gym? Think about some of the exercises you have done before that your can do at home. You will have an abundance of exercises in your head from all the sessions you’ve done. Use them and put them together into a 20-minute workout you can do at home.

• We don’t even have to get off the sofa to do our Christmas shopping anymore! Hit the high street, instead of the internet. Give yourself a head start, and you’ll burn more calories walking around town looking for those perfect presents.

• Back to my first point. Keep it high intensity. Put a festive playlist together to keep your spirits up.

• Home alone – Training alone? Away from the gym? Think quality over quantity. Technique, form and posture. All the words you should hear your coach, trainer or instructor relentlessly saying over and over again. Make your workouts count. Wherever you are.

• Stick to the plan. Avoid diverging from your routine. If you’re an early bird, stick to it. Night owl? Strick to it. Forward planning at Christmas shouldn’t relate to the cooking time of the bird.

• Commitment- Regardless of the time of year, make a commitment to the above point. Keep your fitness going. Remember, prior planning prevents poor performance. You are just as important at Christmas. January will then be a breeze.