MAS-MTB Strike Again With Another Win

by Lizzie Griffin in News | Training


Amazing results for cyclist Mark Proudman at the Friday Night Summer Series taking 1st place.

12 weeks into the bike teams strength & conditioning programme and we are already getting some wins!!


Strength and conditioning training is perfect for anyone on and off a bike, whether you have a desk job, physical job, training for a specific sport or generally training for weight loss. It will get you fitter, stronger, better posture, burning fat plus much more.

If your not doing any strength & conditioning work then now’s the time to start. Try something new and start adding it to your routine.

With the bike time what i’m concentrating on is their core strength, stability as well as flexibility and overall muscular endurance (we want more blood volume to increase oxygen flow to the muscles)

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If you want to see results this year whether its fat loss or improve fitness for a particular sport then feel free to contact me and join me in our 1-1 or small group programmes.