How to improve your skin through your diet

by Chloe Waring in Nutrition

How to improve your skin through your diet

Our skin has a major effect on how we feel about ourselves and our confidence and in recent years the skin care industry has been booming with adults of all ages and even adolescents younger than ever investing in their skin care and developing skin care routines. Taking care of our skin is vital and although there are some great products out there to help, one of the most vital parts of taking care of our skin is our diet. If we are not looking after our health on the inside it will show on the outside.

Diets that are full to the brim of refines carbohydrates can trigger chronic inflammation within the body, which over the years has been linked to many health issues including flare ups on the skin such as acne and pimples.

The key to healthier looking skin is to have a diet that is rich in antioxidants, this can lead to clearer skin and also a smoother texture of the skin. Here is a list of some foods that help achieve better skin:


  • Colourful fruits and veggies get their colour from something called carotenoids (spinach is high in this) which can be converted to Vitamin A which helps skin cells to reproduce, we shed around 40,000 skin cells per day so this function is extremely important. Colourful fruits and veggies also contain Vitamin C (such as mangoes) which is what the body uses to create collagen.
  • Fish is a fantastic protein source, which the body uses to produce collagen and elastin. It also contains omega-3 fatty acid which reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of skin. Aim for fatty fish such as salmon or trout.
  • Healthy carbohydrates such as wholegrains, fruits, beans, and vegetables. Try to avoid eating too many refined carbs such as white bread as they can cause a carb overload and increase inflammation.
  • Nuts and seeds are also a good source of omega-3 fats. Look out for nuts such as almonds and seeds such as chia seeds. There are also some nuts such as brazil nuts that contain selenium which can also serve as an antioxidant.
  • Water and green tea are great options for keeping the skin and body hydrated and green tea also contains a good level of antioxidants.