Home Workouts Can Still Be Effective

by melissa kirkpatrick in Training

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In the world of fitness there are plenty of debates about whether at home workouts actually have any benefit. With all the varying opinions I thought I would share MY experience with training at home with minimal to no equipment. All in all it has been a very positive experience, home workouts are great on those days where you simply feel like you have NO time to do even the smallest of tasks let alone go to the gym. They are also fab for those times when you really aren’t feeling like yourself – let’s face it we ALL have them! Home workouts are also a positive way of building up your self-confidence when completing gym based exercises, because honestly? Gyms are pretty daunting. So how can we make them work? Here are some tips when planning an at home workout:

  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE – in an at home workout all the exercises that you use should be pretty simple but still being able to feel the effect. For example if you have no weights use jumping lunges rather than weighted lunges. Trust me they’re not as easy as they sound!
  2. GET CREATIVE – Don’t be afraid to try new things. If you can come up with an exercise that hasn’t been used yet then do it as long as you feel the benefit that’s all that matters.
  3. GET YOURSELF A PARTNER – An at home workout is so much more beneficial if you have someone there to egg you on. Especially for those times when you fancy a sneaky rest!
  4. SET YOURSELF A TIMELIMIT – Treat your at home workout as a HIIT session. Setting yourself 30 seconds per exercise with 15 seconds in between will make a massive difference and will allow you to get your training done in a reasonable amount of time. And also stops you from PROCRASTONATING! 😉
  5. PUSH YOURSELF – Treat your home workout like you would any other training session; don’t slack off because you’re not in a gym environment. Believe in yourself that you can do more!


  1. High knees, jump squats, bicycle crunch, mountain climbers, and press ups.
  2. Sprints, jump lunges, burpees, walk outs, and back extensions
  3. Toe taps, side shuffles, leg raises, elbow to press up position, plank.

Give it a try! 45 seconds per exercise with a 15 second gap between each and 1 minute rest between each round for 4 rounds!