Healthy Smoothie Recipes

by Tia Dewick in Nutrition

We have developed 2 fantastic smoothie recipes which are both delicious and healthy just for you! Did you know that ideally we should consume protein every 2-3 hours to maximise the benefits of our training? Our bodies cannot reserve protein stores and so after approximately 2-3 hours of consuming protein, our bodies begins to break down muscle tissue for energy. Therefore, a protein smoothie is a fantastic snack to have throughout the day which is filled with goodness. The best thing of all is that all you need to do is pop the ingredients listed below into a blender and blend until it reaches your desired consistency!


1)      The Easy Smoothie


150ml almond milk

5 whole nuts (you can choose which nuts you would prefer to have!)

5ml golden linseeds

10 whole strawberries

25g whey protein


2)      Mango Mint and Cucumber Smoothie


200g mango

100g cucumber

60g spinach

1tbsp coconut milk

100ml cold water (add any additional water required to achieve your desired consistency)

1 sprig fresh mint


These smoothies also contain fruit and vegetables which can also help to:

Improve cardiovascular health

Lower cancer risk

Reduce diabetes risk

Improve digestive health

Improve energy


Give these smoothies a go for your work time snack and see how much your energy levels can benefit!