Griffin Fit Clients Enter Gung Ho For Charity

by Lizzie Griffin in News

charity | hung ho

A few of our clients are taking part in a charity 5km obstacle course called Gung Ho.

What I wanted to do was give clients a fun goal/target to aim for, so what started off as an individual goal has now changed to a group goal because we now have a group of clients to do it. This means more support and accountability for everyone to succeed and achieve their goal of competing a 5km obstacle course. Losing weight and getting fit the fun way.

We will start together and finish together which takes the pressure off trying to keep up with the so called ‘fitter’ ones and making it a fun team social outing.

At the same time as helping clients with their goals it’s a great thing to take part in to help raise money for charity.

We are running for Hope Against Cancer and we are in need of sponsorship. Hope is a fantastic charity. Too many people leave us too early by the dreaded cancer, it affects us all at some point, whether its a friend, colleague or a family member. Heartbreaking as it is we need to stay together and fight back. We need to beat cancer.

Could you help us out??

I have a personal just giving page as I too am taking part.

Couldn’t expect others to do it without me could I. Hehe.

I’d love to raise £100 by completing this obstacle course so any spare money you have would be amazing.

Below is the link to my just giving page.

It would be extremely appreciated if you could donate as much or as little as you could as it all helps.

Thanking you in advance