6 Exercises for a Whole Body Workout at Home or in your Hotel Room

by Tia Dewick in Uncategorised

Here at Griffin Fit we are very understanding and accommodating for your busy lifestyles. We understand that life can get in the way of your training and that’s okay. You’re away with work next week so can’t make it to the studio? That’s fine, we’ve got you covered with these whole body exercises that can be done at home or in your hotel room!


Tricep dips
Find yourself a chair or bench and take a seat. For beginners, place your feet relatively close to your body and provide a small gap between your feet to give you plenty of support. However, if you wish to progress this exercise then you can bring your feet together and/or move your feet further away from your body. TOP TIP: be sure to not let your elbows fall out to the side, be sure to keep them tucked behind the body.

Sit to stand
Using the same bench or chair you can move onto the sit to stand exercise. This exercise does exactly what it says on the tin; from a seated position, with your feet roughly shoulder width apart, stand up and then sit back down onto the bench. To progress this exercise you can bring your feet closer together, hold a weight or even go for the single leg variation!

Press-ups are a fantastic burner exercise. For beginners, start with your hands directly below your shoulders and hold your weight from your knees. The aim of the game is to get your nose as close to the ground as possible! To progress the exercise you can widen or narrow your hand grip and/or hold your weight on your toes as opposed to your knees. TOP TIP: if you look at yourself in the mirror, from your knees to your shoulder should be in a nice straight line, ie no bend at the hips!

Glute bridge
Now position yourself onto your back with your feet approximately shoulder width apart. Then lift your hips so that only your shoulders and feet are in contact with the floor and keep pulsing up and down. The glute bridge has MANY variations such as the single leg glute bridge, bring your feet together, place a resistance band just above the knees and/or hold a weight on your hips.

And now for a core burner! In the same position as the glute bridge, rather than lift the hips, you lift the chest just a few inches off the ground and back down (but don’t let your shoulders touch the floor!). To progress the exercise you can raise the legs and/or move onto side crunches.

Calf raises
Ideally find yourself a step to give you some elevation. For beginners, place your feet roughly shoulder width apart with just the balls of your feet on the step. From this position raise your heels as high as you can and slowly decline them down to the starting position. For progression, narrow your feet and/or internally/externally rotate your feet and/or utilise the single leg approach.


We hope you enjoy this whole body resistance routine!