Female Personal Trainers Leicester

Liz Griffin

With more than 10 years in the fitness industry, Liz prides herself on making sure that her clients receive a quality service. Ensuring she is always up to date with the latest and most innovative methods to get the best results for each of her clients.

Competing in UKBFF Body Building Show 2013 in the bikini class, with just 9 weeks preparation Liz lost over 10% body fat through clean eating and weight training, proving that anything can be achieved if you want it enough.

Training a wide range of clients over the years from Royal Marine Commando candidates to business professionals and OAP’s. Each client has a full consultation that determines their individual needs, allowing Liz to tailor a bespoke package that works for them.

Attending courses on a regular basis, Liz is a firm believer that there is always more to learn and, despite her qualifications and experience, she expands her knowledge and increases her qualifications in order to provide even better value to her clients.

Qualifications include:

  • Kettle Bell Implementation Exercise
  • Boxercise
  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise
  • Functional Training
  • Core Stability
  • GP Referral
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation

Tia Dewick

Physical activity and sport has always been a passion of Tia’s. She began with the love for netball and so cardio-vascular training was high on the agenda with some focus on strength and conditioning. As Tia began her sports science degree she learnt the importance of physical activity on both health and mental well-being as well as the physical enhancements. Tia progressed her knowledge on the physical and psychological benefits of strength training and found her new passion to lie within the gym.

Tia began to spread her knowledge amongst her friends and family and positively changed their daily routines. Ranging from encouraging people to take the stairs, to motivating people to exercise at home and to become an active gym member. Tia enjoyed helping others so much that she has joined us here at Griffin Fit.

Qualifications include:

  • Sport Nutrition
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Human Movement & Biomechanics
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Fat Loss

Melissa Kirkpatrick

Fitness has been a huge part of Melissa’s life from a very young age. Melissa has practiced and trained in competitive Ballroom and Latin American dancing from the age of four, and when she was asked to represent England at the age of sixteen she began weight training and enhancing her cardiovascular endurance in order to up her game! Through this she found a love and passion for the gym. In her first year of training she noticed so many positive changes to both her physical and mental health that she decided to spread the message of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.


After completing her GCSE’s and A-Levels in physical education Melissa decided she wanted to make personal training her career to help other people enhance their self-belief and confidence. Melissa strongly believes that everyone should make their health a priority in their life, and wants to help people achieve their goals and ambitions because anything is possible!

-Level 2 Fitness Instructing

-Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer

-A-Level in Physical Education

-Fat loss

-Nutritional Advice

-Muscular Development

Griffin Fit Lola


Lola is our gym mascot and spends most of her time with us here. She’s been part of the Griffin Fit studio since she was 10 weeks old. She is a cross between a Shar Pei and an Old English Bulldog and likes a good selfie or a photo bomb.

Lola enjoys playing fetch with new friends but also likes to laze around and sleep a lot. She loves everyone but would love you even more if you came with a treat or two.

If you’re not a fan of dogs then have no fear; Lola will happily sleep in the office whilst you train.